From Glaciers To Hot Pools: 5 Reasons To Visit NZ in Winter

There’s no denying that New Zealand is among the most popular travel destinations in the world. This is especially true during winter season, when everything from hotel accommodation to campervan hire offers great bargain rates. But if these money-saving opportunities for first time and seasoned travellers aren’t enough for you to visit, there are plenty … Continue reading “From Glaciers To Hot Pools: 5 Reasons To Visit NZ in Winter”

By Land, Sea or Air: Thrilling Things To Do In Perth

From hot air balloon rides and skydiving, to kite boarding and swimming with wild dolphins, Perth is teeming with activities that would satisfy even the most avid thrill seeker. Keeping true to the spirit of adventure, many travellers choose to drive from one thrilling activity to the next aboard a motorhome. This makes sense when you … Continue reading “By Land, Sea or Air: Thrilling Things To Do In Perth”

Cairns Great Tropical Winter Destinations

“Winter is Coming.” – House Stark Like migratory fowl, some people could not bear the cold would rather move elsewhere where the climate is warm and the warm air invites you to take a dip in the cool waters. If you are one of those who can’t stand the cold, you certainly caught our drift. Although … Continue reading “Cairns Great Tropical Winter Destinations”

First Time Camper’s Guide to South Australia

If you haven’t gone camping in South Australia, you are missing a lot. The southern state has more than 100 camp grounds to choose from with activities ranging from hiking scenic trails, kayaking its tranquil rivers, interacting with animals in their natural habitat or just staring at the vast night sky of the Outback. For … Continue reading “First Time Camper’s Guide to South Australia”

Going Around Western Australia on a Budget

We all know that travelling anywhere in Australia costs a hefty sum of money. Even the sunshine paradise, Western Australia (WA), is no exception. But, imagine travelling to WA’s refreshing beaches, mysterious caves, and breathtaking national parks without breaking the bank. Wouldn’t that be the perfect vacation? In this post, we will show you how you … Continue reading “Going Around Western Australia on a Budget”

10 Self Drive Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss In Victoria

The state of Victoria comes to mind every time “road trip” is mentioned. The best tourist spots in the state are very accessible and Victoria is also home to the most scenic coastal drive in Australia, the Great Ocean Road. Hiring a motorhome or a campervan can help you get around this picturesque place without leaving the comforts of a … Continue reading “10 Self Drive Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss In Victoria”

Hippies Ultimate Guide To Travelling In Queensland

There are tons of things you can do in Queensland. From immersing in its rich culture to swimming or surfing its long stretch of coastline, down to trekking its luminous green forests. Getting around its tourist destinations is also a zilch because they are close to each other. To get the most from of your … Continue reading “Hippies Ultimate Guide To Travelling In Queensland”

Drive Around NSW in 10 Days

New South Wales is teeming with sites worthy of a visit from any tourist. Considered the most populous state in Australia with a population of 6.7 million, NSW offers a multitude of experiences from its natural wonders, sandy beaches, rainforests and historical sites. Because it encompasses a large area (809,444 square kilometres to be exact), … Continue reading “Drive Around NSW in 10 Days”

Hippies Guide to the Best Surf Beaches in Australia

Never mind all the other things to do in Australia, surfing is the way to go! After all, we wouldn’t be a famous surf destination across the globe if we didn’t have all the best spots here. We are blessed with some of the world’s best coastlines, reefs (the Great Barrier Reef, no less), and … Continue reading “Hippies Guide to the Best Surf Beaches in Australia”

Western Australia in a Hippie Camper!

Thanks to the influx of tourists and travellers in Australia’s east coast, people have been looking—well, Googling—for the country’s next great destinations. Conventions have been broken and everyone is now clamouring not for the brightest and hotspots but for places that are yet to be discovered, places that were always in the bottom of the … Continue reading “Western Australia in a Hippie Camper!”