Aussie Music festivals You Shouldn’t Miss This November

Music festivals in various ways, are inimitable parties. They certainly have all the ingredients to be classified as such: music, drinking, dancing all day and through the night. With bigger venues every year, mainstream artists and that steadfast Australian spirit of celebrating good times, attending music festivals is a win for both artists and fans. Continue reading “Aussie Music festivals You Shouldn’t Miss This November”

Celebrating 7 Decades Of Homegrown Kiwi Music

On October 28, Auckland War Memorial Museum will launch a 7-month exhibition that celebrates 7 decades of bold, homegrown Kiwi music.

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Volume: Making Music In Aotearoa will be a showcase of New Zealand music and the talents behind every masterpiece. Created in partnership with New Zealand Music Hall of Fame, “Volume” is the country’s very first public exhibit that delves into the eclectic and vibrant history of New Zealand’s music scene. Continue reading “Celebrating 7 Decades Of Homegrown Kiwi Music”

Hippie’s Guide To AU Spring Festivals

There’s no better way top shake off the cold of winter than taking part in one of Australia’s many spring festivals. Held every year from September to November, these flower and music fests welcome the arrival of the season in the most vibrant and upbeat way possible.

Have no idea which spring festivals to drive your campervan rental to? No worries! We’ve listed 5 Australian Spring Festivals you shouldn’t miss this year. Continue reading “Hippie’s Guide To AU Spring Festivals”

From Glaciers To Hot Pools: 5 Reasons To Visit NZ in Winter

There’s no denying that New Zealand is among the most popular travel destinations in the world. This is especially true during winter season, when everything from hotel accommodation to campervan hire offers great bargain rates. But if these money-saving opportunities for first time and seasoned travellers aren’t enough for you to visit, there are plenty of other reasons to plan a trip to NZ this winter and we’ve listed five of them here. Continue reading “From Glaciers To Hot Pools: 5 Reasons To Visit NZ in Winter”

By Land, Sea or Air: Thrilling Things To Do In Perth

From hot air balloon rides and skydiving, to kite boarding and swimming with wild dolphins, Perth is teeming with activities that would satisfy even the most avid thrill seeker. Keeping true to the spirit of adventure, many travellers choose to drive from one thrilling activity to the next aboard a motorhome. This makes sense when you consider that when it comes to campervan rentals Australia has several companies you can check out. So you better hurry because the city has so much to offer. Continue reading “By Land, Sea or Air: Thrilling Things To Do In Perth”