5 Sunshine Coast Hinterland Hikes to Take Your Breath Away

This article originally appeared on VisitSunshineCoast.com.au

A hike in the Hinterland is an opportunity to see the Sunshine Coast in a way you have never experienced and will never forget.

We’ve uncovered some of the best hikes, bush walks and waterfalls that will make you want to grab your camera, strap on your backpack and hit the road.

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Top 5 Travel Podcasts for the Road

When you’re packing your bags for your ultimate road trip there’s one thing you simply can’t forget – an epic playlist! It’s the secret to any good road trip and will ensure that your long days on the road are as enjoyable as possible. Here at Hippie Campers we love listening to a good travel podcast and think it’s the best way to hear authentic stories from people all over the world.

Our favourite podcasts are filled with adventurous nomads sharing their favourite travel destinations and tips, and are perfect for fuelling that inner wanderlust.

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Hooray For Summer: Cool Off in AU!

Oh summer; it’s a great time of the year. There are so many things that you can do when the weather is warm. From spending time at the beach to exploring the outdoors, road tripping in an Australian campervan hire during the summer is an experience that you won’t regret. You’ll undoubtedly make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Hippie Camper Tips For Budget-Friendly NZ Travel

With the holidays  just around the corner, you may be wondering how you can travel on a budget while still enjoying the comfort that comes from  traveling in a camper van hire. After all, you shouldn’t have to put off your road trip throughout a beautiful country such as New Zealand due to budget constraints.

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