5 Epic Reasons to Road Trip in Your 20’s

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You’ve probably heard older people tell you what you should and shouldn’t do in your youth, but one tip that you should listen to is to travel while you’re young. Your twenties are the best time to get out, experience the world and try new things. A time will come for you to do the more serious things in life, but for now you should take advantage of your energy and youth, and go on road trips in a camper van hire.

There is always going to be negative Nancies who will say that it is too dangerous or a waste of your time. Totally wrong! The truth is it will bring more substance to your life than you would have ever thought. Road tripping in your twenties will be thrilling, challenging, and full of excitement.

The following 5 epic reasons should be enough to convince you to road trip in your 20s. Don’t forget to live your life and experience the things that you want to experience. It’s shorter than you think but full of time for unforgettable experiences.

  1. You never know who you’ll meet-You’re young, you may be single, and you have your whole life ahead of you. Road trips and travel in general typically bring you several new friends and acquaintances. Many lifelong friends are made while people travel to other countries. You never know who will cross your path. Who knows? It could be your future partner or best friend. When you step outside of your routine, life brings you plenty of surprises that you may have never expected.
  2. You will get to know the world up close and personal-It’s one thing to see the world through a screen but it’s whole other thing to see it for yourself. You may have seen some of the most captivating places from the comfort of your living room while watching documentaries or movies, but why see the world through someone else’s eyes? There is something that travelling will do for you that simply learning about a place won’t. You will never regret the experiences that travel will bring you.
  3. You’re footloose and fancy-free-While you’re in your 20s, you most likely won’t have many commitments or things that hold you down. Whether you have finished your studies or want to travel before you start, there isn’t much stopping you. You (probably) don’t have kids, you (may) not have a mortgage to keep up with, and you don’t have to worry so much about where you stay while on your road trip.

Parking your camper van hire at any place where it’s permitted is simple enough when you’re young and on your own. You can get away with more than you would if you were older. Now is the time to live your dreams and make mistakes. That’s what life is all about and you have the freedom to do it.

  1. You may learn some amazing things about yourself-If you have yet to make a decision on what you want to do as a career or in your life, road tripping in your 20s can be a great way to give you some direction. You learn a lot about yourself when you travel. Sometimes travels can bring you difficulties that you aren’t used to or put you in situations where you have to think outside the box or react in ways that you aren’t used to.

Image BY Trekking Rinjani via flickr.com/photos/trekkingrinjani/4930552641 under a Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY 2.0 Full license terms at creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0

A road trip in your 20s can help you to go down a path in life that will bring you more satisfaction than you could have imagined. Whether you participate in a humanitarian project in your travels and realise that you want to be a philanthropist or you discover a love for the ocean that leads you to a career in marine conservation, there is so much to discover on the road.

  1. You could learn new languages and traditions on your trip-The world is much larger than you realise and is full of fascinating experiences that you could be missing out on by staying stuck in your city. From foreign languages to unique traditions, travelling across the world will reward you in many more ways than one. If you have ever wanted to learn a new language, there’s no better way to do it than to immerse yourself in a foreign culture. A road trip through a foreign country may be a great way to do it. Plus, the traditions that you learn on your trip could bring a whole new meaning to your life and help you to appreciate humanity in all its forms.

It’s normal to feel hesitant when stepping outside of your comfort zone. You may have your reservations about going on a road trip in a camper van hire while you’re young. You may not feel prepared for all that lies ahead in the great unknown. Yet, if you are willing to experience things different than what you know, you can trust that your efforts will be rewarded. Travel is a form of education that you don’t want to miss out on. Do it! You won’t regret it!

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