Top 5 Travel Podcasts for the Road

When you’re packing your bags for your ultimate road trip there’s one thing you simply can’t forget – an epic playlist! It’s the secret to any good road trip and will ensure that your long days on the road are as enjoyable as possible. Here at Hippie Campers we love listening to a good travel podcast and think it’s the best way to hear authentic stories from people all over the world.

Our favourite podcasts are filled with adventurous nomads sharing their favourite travel destinations and tips, and are perfect for fuelling that inner wanderlust.

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Aussie Music festivals You Shouldn’t Miss This November

Music festivals in various ways, are inimitable parties. They certainly have all the ingredients to be classified as such: music, drinking, dancing all day and through the night. With bigger venues every year, mainstream artists and that steadfast Australian spirit of celebrating good times, attending music festivals is a win for both artists and fans. Continue reading “Aussie Music festivals You Shouldn’t Miss This November”

Cairns Great Tropical Winter Destinations

“Winter is Coming.”

– House Stark

Like migratory fowl, some people could not bear the cold would rather move elsewhere where the climate is warm and the warm air invites you to take a dip in the cool waters. If you are one of those who can’t stand the cold, you certainly caught our drift. Although you don’t have wings, a cheap motorhome for hire could definitely take you to that ideal winter escape. Continue reading “Cairns Great Tropical Winter Destinations”

First Time Camper’s Guide to South Australia

If you haven’t gone camping in South Australia, you are missing a lot.

The southern state has more than 100 camp grounds to choose from with activities ranging from hiking scenic trails, kayaking its tranquil rivers, interacting with animals in their natural habitat or just staring at the vast night sky of the Outback.

For first-time campers in South Australia’s wilderness, renting a campervan or motorhome is a convenient option. You can take control of your schedule and be in the comfort of a home while on the road. Continue reading “First Time Camper’s Guide to South Australia”

Going Around Western Australia on a Budget

We all know that travelling anywhere in Australia costs a hefty sum of money. Even the sunshine paradise, Western Australia (WA), is no exception. But, imagine travelling to WA’s refreshing beaches, mysterious caves, and breathtaking national parks without breaking the bank. Wouldn’t that be the perfect vacation?

In this post, we will show you how you can travel around Western Australia on a limited budget. Here are some tips on how you can cut down your travel expenses in WA. Continue reading “Going Around Western Australia on a Budget”