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I picked up my Hippie camper in the Brisbane Branch on Thursday morning. I was supposed to do this trip with my australian roomate but unfortunately finally he wasn’t able to come so I went alone.

I went to the national park of Lamington on the south of Brisbane to do some hiking. Unfortunately I was not lucky because it has been raining during almost all my trip. I arrived on the green mountain section camping site at the end of the afternoon and prepared my walk of the next day. I was glad to see that there were many Apollo’s vehicle next to me on the camping site.

On Friday I get up early, around 6 am knowing that the night fall really early and wanting to do a long walk. I did a really nice 20 kilometers walk in the forest and really enjoyed it even if it would have been better without the rain. It was the first time I saw a subtropical forest and I was impressed by the variety of trees and plants I could see. The walk was difficult at some spot and especially at river’s crossing and it was sometime difficult to find the right path but luckily I manage not getting lost. There were a lot of viewpoint on the track but unfortunately because of the weather all I could see was fog but the falls I saw during my walk were very nice and I took some good pictures. After long hours of walking, exhausted and completely wet I went back to my camper for a well-deserved rest. It was a really a good experience to be in the middle of a subtropical forest that is very different from the forest that we have in France.

The next day because of the weather, I decided to do a small track. I went on the track going down to the Morans falls and gorge. ItI took me the entire morning and when I went back to the camper it was still raining that’s why I decided to drive to Surfers Paradise hoping that the weather would be better if I was going to the north. Even if it was still raining a little bit, the weather was becoming better when I was driving to the north.

I parked my camper on a camping site near Surfers Paradise for the night and then drive to the beach of Surfer Paradise the next day. There were still some small showers but the weatherwas really better than the previous days. I enjoyed the beach all the day long and really appreciate the temperature of the water that is much better than the temperature we have in the north of France.

After lunch I drove back to Brisbane sad because my trip passed too fast but happy to have seen more of Australia. I really enjoyed my Hippie Deluxe that was easy to drive and very comfortable to sleep inside.



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Francois Laureau

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