Going Around Western Australia on a Budget

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We all know that travelling anywhere in Australia costs a hefty sum of money. Even the sunshine paradise, Western Australia (WA), is no exception. But, imagine travelling to WA’s refreshing beaches, mysterious caves, and breathtaking national parks without breaking the bank. Wouldn’t that be the perfect vacation?

In this post, we will show you how you can travel around Western Australia on a limited budget. Here are some tips on how you can cut down your travel expenses in WA.

Rent a Campervan or Motorhome

Booking a campervan or a motorhome is the best way to go around the tourist destinations in Western Australia. Renting is much cheaper than buying a used car and trying to sell it after your trip.

It is also more convenient than bringing your own vehicle because motorhomes have more features like a bed, fridge, shower and even a stove. Renting  a unit online is also easy and you can choose the city where you will pick up your vehicle. In Western Australia, it’s usually Perth and a common route that experienced travellers take is the Perth to Darwin route.


Find Relocation Rentals

A relocation is a cheap option to travel from Perth to Darwin. It usually costs only $1. Motorhome rental companies give you a route and time (sometimes even free fuel) to move their vehicles from one branch to another. Just follow their schedule and terms and conditions to avoid additional charges.

Visit Free Travel Destinations

The best things in life are free and in Western Australia, there are lots of it. Add these free travel destinations in your itinerary to help you save money.

1. Snorkelling in Shoalwater Marine Park in Rockingham
2. Picnicking in Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth
3. Touring the Perth Cultural Centre in Perth
4. Fishing at Mandurah Estuary and Peel Inlet in Mandurah
5. Climbing the 51-metre Diamond Tree Lookout in Manjimup
6. Walking the Bibbulmun Track in Kalamunda


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Saving Up On Food Costs

Just because you want to save, doesn’t mean you have to simplify or miss some meals. Western Australia has tons of diners and restaurants that offer inexpensive food.

A  simple research online and you can get an idea of where these establishments are. If you find  their price and menu to be reasonable, mark them on your map or to visit list. Check  if they offer “children eat free” and other promos to get more bang for your buck.

Shop at supermarkets and store the ingredients in your fridge. Make sure they are fresh, for best taste.You can also cook your own food on barbecue areas.

Saving On Your Accommodation

Where you stay at night is a crucial decision for any travel because it affects your budget and even your schedule.

Even the cheapest hotels in Perth and other major cities in the WA can figure at $100 or more. If you opted to rent a room or apartment, choose one with a kitchen. This way you have the option to cook rather than order expensive food.

Other Ways to Save Money

Below are other tips on how you can cut-off your spending:

1. Bring your own wine if dining in a restaurant. This will save you $1-2.
2. Refill water in the public bubbler (water fountain) instead of buying bottled water at $2.50.Cut down the frequency you drink soda and other carbonated beverage.
3. Choose takeaway (take out) than eating in. Many meals are cheaper this way.
4. Do not hesitate to haggle at open-air markets and bazaars.


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Caravan Parks

Some national parks and major beaches have nearby caravan parks where you can rest. Un-powered sites cost an average of $35 to $60. While powered sites ask for anywhere between $75 to $120. Rates are subject to changes depending on the camp’s location, time of the season and the number of people in your group. Some parks allow pets with little or no extra charges.

Camping in Western Australia

Camping is another cheap accommodation alternative. If you have a tent and firewood with you, then you’re good to go. The majority of tourist destinations allow campers on their grounds. They have reasonable prices, too like Big Lagoon in Francois Peron National Park, which charge $10 for adults and $2.20 for children per night.

If you’re down to your last penny, go to these free camping sites:

1. Lake Poorrarecup- 42-kilometres South West of Cranbrook
2. Disappointment Rock- 87-kilometres West of Norseman
3. Torbay Inlet- 28-kilometres West of Albany
4. Betty’s Beach- 17-kilometres South of Many Peaks

These parks, however, don’t have the usual amenities like toilets, showers, and picnic areas.


This pretty much sums up how you can go to Western Australia on a budget. Travelling in this majestic region doesn’t need to be expensive. For more travel tips, read Hippie Camper’s blog posts regularly.



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