Happy Camper: Thanks a bunch, Wannes!

We recently received a delightful comment from our client Wannes, who toured New Zealand in a Hippie Camper last year. Thanks for your kind words Wannes and we hope to see you again one day!

Dear people of hippie camper I have almost been a year now since we’ve travelled through NZ with that great Hippie camper. And I gotta say: Everything was perfect and as you described on your website. We asked for an -1 year old van, and we got one of 9 months old. We never had any problems with the car once. And everything was delivered with it. All the camping equipment was available. And most important, all the equipment was clean! (even the water boiler and the toaster) From day one I knew that I was gonna have the best vacation ever. After almost 2 months in that superb camper we delivered it back to the depot in Christchurch and started our trip home. Even after almost a year we think back to that fine vacation and that nice camper! Keep up the good work! It was really lovely to drive that van! Greetings Wannes

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