Head Off To Maitreya Festival

One of Australia’s largest outdoor events is fast approaching. Are you all set for Maitreya Festival 2017? Whether you’re attending for the first time or a returning participant, we have listed a few things you can expect from this eclectic, vibrant, amazing event.

Quick Background

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Maitreya festival started in 2008 with 2,000 attendees. The intention was to provide participants with a place and opportunity for self-exploration, promising (and delivering) an immersive, all-inclusive aural and visual experience.  This year’s Maitreya Festival will be held from 10th to 13th of March at Ancient Forest Eco Lodge in Byron Bay.

So, you have secured a campervan and you’re all ready to attend. But what can you expect to find in this year’s festival?

There’s Lots Of Music. And Dancing

With ten acts confirmed this year, be prepared to dance the nights away. The festival features international and local artists every year, and are guaranteed to take you on an aural journey of a lifetime.

Bring Camping Gear

The festival venue this year is ideal for camping. Pitch a tent under the shade of palm and gum trees and sleep under the star-filled summer sky. There are also enough spaces for those arriving and spending the night in a campervan. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a marker or a flag to help you find your campsite at night.

Zero Environmental Impact

Maitreya Festival is focused on protecting the environment and aims to have very minimal – if not zero – environmental impact by the end of the festivities. Organisers ask that attendees take their waste with them when they leave the venue.

You Will Make New Friends

10,000 people are expected to attend this year’s festival. So yes, you will make new acquaintances and and make connections and that is the whole point of attending Maitreya. The festival is all about discovering connections within oneself, others and nature. So go out and enjoy the music, art and culture with like-minded individuals.

Maitreya Festival is not associated with any one religion, culture, political agenda or gender. Everyone is welcome and embraced in this festival of culture, art and music. So unshackle, unlabel and go back underground to discover oneself and connect with others and nature. Can you think of a better way to spend summer?



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