New Zealand’s Most Thrilling Bungy Jumps, walks and Swings!

Looking for a unique road trip experience? Up for adrenaline pumping adventures you won’t forget – ever? If you answered yes to both questions, we’ve definitely got you covered.

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With more than 27 years industry experience, AJ Hackett has proven time and again it deserves to be the country’s premier tourism adventure company. With locations in Auckland and Queenstown – the adventure capital of the world – can you think of a better way to immerse yourself in the sheer beauty of New Zealand than free falling for several seconds from hundreds of metres above ground? Nope, we didn’t think so.

From the original bungy jumps to swings and skywalks, AJ Hackett offers various  activities in New Zealand that even the most discerning of thrill seekers come back to every year. And we’ve listed all of them here so you can plan which ones to try when you get to New Zealand. So what are you waiting for? Get the gang together, pile everyone up in your Hippie Camper and let’s get this adventure started!

1. Kawaru Bridge Bungy

Located in Queenstown, Kawaru Bridge Bungy is the first commercial bungy jump in the world. At 43 metres tall, it is also one of the most popular in the world, attracting hordes of adventure seekers annually. "Kawaru Bridge Bungy" BY AJ Hackett Bungy via can choose to take the leap solo or tandem with a mate since it’s the only tandem bungy available in Queensland. Amp up the thrills and choose to skim the aquamarine waters below or get fully dunked as you fall. Oh, and jumpers get a free T-shirt.

2. Nevis Bungy

At 134 metres, Nevis Bungy is the highest jump in New Zealand, or as AJ Hackett staff fondly calls it, the “Big Boy”. The Nevis’ motto? “Go Big or Go Home”. So face your ultimate fears and take that leap off the platform, freefalling for up to eight and a half seconds. "Nevis Bungy" BY AJ Hackett Bungy via Hackett Free Transports are needed to get to the site as the jump point is located on private property. There’s also a spectators fee for those who just wish to watch.

3. Nevis Swing

The Nevis Swing is more than just the biggest swing in the world. It is the most famous swing in the planet. "Nevis Swing" BY AJ Hackett Bungy via brave enough to try it are lifted 160 metres above the rocky canyons and released at more than 125 kilometres per hour, with the other side of the canyon rushing towards you. Swing solo or with a friend. Go backwards, upside down, however you want to take that leap – your imagination is the limit, as long as your nerves can handle it.

4. The Ledge Bungy

At the Ledge Bungy, you will jump from a platform 400 metres above the city of Queenstown, wearing a full body harness that allows you to spin, jump, twist, flip and run from the edge. "The Ledge Bungy" BY AJ Hackett Bungy via is the only night time bungy available during the winter and is easy accessible from the city. With the gorgeous city of Queenstown rushing to meet you as you descend, it is certainly a jump you should never miss.

5. The Ledge Swing

When we say that the Ledge Swing takes swinging to a whole new level, we meant every word. Guests who are attached to ropes hanging over a rock face, suspended 400 metres above ground will pull the cord themselves and swing out towards the lake. "The Ledge Swing" BY AJ Hackett Bungy via Ledge Swing is in the same location as the Ledge Bungy, with the same operating hours and of course, the same breathtaking views of Queenstown below. Night time swings are available during winter.

6. Auckland Bridge Climb

If you want to experience walking around, under, over and up the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge, then you shouldn’t miss out on the Auckland Bridge Climb. The walkways are custom built to provide a comfortable and safe passage for people, and giving breathtaking 360-degree views of Auckland. "Auckland Bridge Climb" BY AJ Hackett Bungy via best views of the city of course, can be seen from the bridge’s summit and be sure you have a guide tell you about the city’s amazing history and of course, to take snapshots of your equally amazing adventure.

7. Auckland Bridge Bungy

The iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge is among the most popular bungy jumping locations in the world. Before you take the 40-metre leap towards the waters below, seasoned Jump Masters will secure your straps, making sure you’re set for their only ocean touch jump. "Auckland Bridge Bungy" BY AJ Hackett Bungy via while you’re at it, you can keep an eye out for boats and whales cruising along the water below. Be free to jump any way you want, the Auckland Bridge is an unlimited freestyle site so have fun!

8. Kawaru Zip Ride

The best way to enjoy views of the magnificent Kawaru River is to get strapped into a harness and cruise for 130 metres along the water. Oh, and you get to enjoy watching people jumping off the Kawaru Bridge Bungy, too. "Kawaru Zip Ride" BY AJ Hackett Bungy via can ride backwards, upside down, forward or tandem with a friend – in fact with its three zip lines, you and five other friends can ride at the same time. Perfect for families and groups, it is one of the most popular thrill activities in the region.

9. SkyWalk

Walk around the outmost rim of Sky Tower, the tallest building in New Zealand and the most famous in Auckland. Towering 192 feet above the city, the views from the outer rim are amazing. "SkyWalk" BY AJ Hackett Bungy via you that there are no handrails when you do the SkyWalk, so this isn’t an activity for the faint of heart. A guide will provide commentary on safety and point out the best parts of Auckland, as you walk with the city spread out beneath your feet.

10. Sky Jump

Towering 192 metres above the bustling city of Auckland, jumping from the Sky Tower is certainly one of the most terrifying things you’ll ever do. The magnificent views, the dizzying heights and the rush of taking that leap of faith can be too much for the fainthearted. "SkyJump" BY AJ Hackett Bungy via off the top of the building you will reach speeds of up to 85 kph, and be landed gently at the bottom. Do not miss doing the Sky Jump when you’re in Auckland.




There you have it. The best thrill adventures that New Zealand has to offer. Beat the holiday rush and book a Hippie campervan today and get that 10% off AJ Hackett Experiences. After all, who ever said that your NZ holiday should be anything less than extraordinary?


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