Cairns Great Tropical Winter Destinations

“Winter is Coming.”

– House Stark

Like migratory fowl, some people could not bear the cold would rather move elsewhere where the climate is warm and the warm air invites you to take a dip in the cool waters. If you are one of those who can’t stand the cold, you certainly caught our drift. Although you don’t have wings, a cheap motorhome for hire could definitely take you to that ideal winter escape. Continue reading “Cairns Great Tropical Winter Destinations”

Thibaults Road to the Golden Backpack Awards 2013 – part 2

Brisbane was a fascinating city. In Europe, we don’t really hear about it, we found it very active, and developed. When we arrived we got a multipass ticket to be able to go everywhere in the city center, and even take the ferry along the river. It was definitely worth it whether it is by night or by day. We also enjoyed a swim in the big lagoon, with a great view on the buildings in front, on the other side of the river.

After Brisbane we drove down to the Gold Coast it had great surfing spots and amazing contrast between sea and skyscrapers!

Gold Coast

North of Sydney


A few days later we arrived at Arrawarra Beach in darkness, we looked for a place to camp with the Hippie. We parked up at a campground which gave us a fantastic view over the bay with the moon shining. But the big surprise was for the day after when we woke up: A couple of huge whales were having a rest in the bay, jumping out of the water. We spent a very nice morning there, and the environment around is also spectacular.

Arrawarra Beach

We had a great time in our Hippie Camper!


A Snowboarder’s Journey: Experiencing beautiful Christchurch


We are at the moment in Christchurch at a friends’ place. The people in New Zealand are from many different countries and most of them are very friendly and helpful. The last few days we have been relaxing and we have been for nice walks on the beach and through the city and botanical garden. In the evening we watch footage that we have made in NZ. The landscape is so fascinating here, it´s hard to not take a break for taking photos.


Our next plan is to drive up North with the Hippie Camper; we still have a lot to explore.

Have a good weekend!

Irian and Mikaela

A Snowboarder’s Journey: Hippie Travels with Irian van Helfteren -Greetings from the South

After the hike next to Mt Cook we drove with the Hippie Camper back to Lake Tekapo for an amazing 80’s party. I looked terrible (good), and some looked even better.
Two days later we visited a friend in Wanaka and continued to the wild South West, the biggest national park of NZ; the rain-forest in the Fiords. We hiked for a few days. Most of the time it was cloudy with lots of rain, but the very impressive landscape made it worthwhile.


Big waterfalls, one over 260 meters high, huge trees and birds we had never seen before surrounded us. The one moment when the sun came out for one hour we were standing on the key summit mountain and got a 360 degree panoramic view. Clouds were passing by at huge speed. The steep white mountains came out over the green rainforest. It was absolutely amazing.

Now we are working at Last Light Lodge, restaurant, camping & accommodation. We are creating a garden in exchange for a bed and food. It is a great place with nice and interesting people and it is good to work again.

Greetings Irian and Mikaela

A Snowboarder’s Journey: Hippie Travels with Irian van Helfteren – From the ocean to glaciers

web mountains 1,blog4We have a great week behind us, in just a few days we got to see the ocean, clay cliffs and glaciers. From Lake Tekapo we drove with the Hippie Camper to Timaru and from there to Omaru and took the road up to Mt Cook village. On the way we stopped by at clay cliffs, absolutely worth a stop, beautiful clay cliffs in a beautiful surrounding.

web irian 4 Kopie,blog1

We stayed one night at the camping nearby Mt Cook village before we continued our small mission up to the Muller hut. It took us 5 and a half hour to reach the hut. The last part was extremely icy and about 40 degrees steep, a very hard hike without crampons and ice axe, luckily we had snowshoes and just after sunset we arrived at the hut. We stayed up there for 2 nights. The landscape is amazing up there.

web miki iris 1,blog3 web irian 11,blog2

To snowboard down was not easy, losing the control could be really dangerous but luckily we made the way down without mistakes. It was possible to snowboard about half way down, the last part we had to walk.

web mountains 2,blog5

Safe down, tired and hungry we planned to drive straight back to Lake Tekapo but could not resist driving up to the Tasman Lake. Such an amazing landscape was hidden behind the ridge. We could see a part of the Tasman glacier and in the lake we saw amazing ice sculptures that had been broken down from the glacier.

web muller hutte 2,blog6

Greetings Irian and Mikaela