6 luggage ESSENTIALS for your backpacker campervan trip

Packing is boring, we know – but it’s important. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of six essentials you should bring with you on any campervan road trip in Australia or New Zealand.

“Why six?” we hear you ask.  Well, we think it’s a pretty great number – particularly in New Zealand. Just ask any local! Anyway, here’s the list. We hope you find it useful:

  1. Soft bags for your stuff – they will fit more easily in your campervan storage compartments.
  2. Thongs/Flip Flops/Jandles – Whatever you call them, you need them if you’re showering in public bathrooms.
  3. Camera – Don’t miss the action, or the opportunity to win another camera from us if you take an amazing shot of your Hippie!
  4. Sunscreen – Whether you’re trekking Aus or traversing New Zealand, sun protection is important. Even in winter you need to slip slop slap to avoid harmful UV rays.
  5. Your favourite tunes – Self explanatory. Hippie Campers aren’t equipped with iPod docks (one day?) but they do play MP3 cds.
  6. Map (or rent a GPS from us) – Getting lost is half the fun, but you want to be able to find your way back eventually…