Thibaults Road to the Golden Backpack Awards 2013 – Part 1

Pic.1Before starting the trip, we thought that having a night in a backpacker hostel in Cairns would be good. So on the 8th we visited Cairns, which is a nice city under the tropics, and very pleasant by winter, because it is dry. There is rainforest all around it, and apparently one of the oldest vegetation worldwide!  We have been swimming on the lagoon, and walking along the beach surrounded by musicians.


We have been driving from Cairns to Mission Beach, for more or less 2 hours. When we arrived by afternoon it was a bit cloudy. We quickly noticed a massive presence of kangaroos around the city. Our campground was oceanfront and the day after we enjoyed the warm weather and had a swim in the very clear sea of Mission. This place is very quiet and peaceful.


After a long drive, we arrived in Airlie Beach, quite tired. The city is lovely and very touristic, a bit similar to a french southern city by summer. There is a big marina, parked in a deep and clear blue water, quite impressive ! Then we moved again for Noosa, with a lot of kilometers to do reach it.

 We slept near Rockhampton, in a free Campsite. People there was very nice and friendly. Sleeping in a free campsite makes you feel like living in a community; the only thing to not forget is that usually it is hard to find a shower around. We woke up at 6:00 am and enjoyed an amazing sunrise  On the road again for Noosa, we found home made products, and locals fruits and vegetables: cheap and tasty, the good compromise.



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