Travelling the open road in a Hippie means you can enjoy a bite to eat whenever you feel like it – and we say food always tastes better when you’re outdoors!

Storage space

Hippie campervans have ample storage space for all the essentials and a combined fridge/freezer for the fresh and tasty produce you buy along the way at markets and roadside stalls.

Cooking equipment

There’s also a gas stove and complimentary cooking equipment and utensils so you can prepare quick and easy meals to eat where and when you choose. The Hippie Hitop even has a microwave oven making it quick and easy to reheat or cook food (scrambled eggs are ready in just 2 minutes).






Camping hacks

  1. Check your kitchen equipment before you plan your meals – Hippies come equipped with basic cooking utensils, but for longer term travel you may want to add a few items of your own.
  2. Do your research and arrive at local markets close to closing time to stock up on discounted produce.
  3. Cook up enough ingredients at breakfast time to use for lunch and dinner – or at dinner time to snack on the following day. This reduces gas usage and the need to clean!
  4. Buy ingredients which can be used for sweet and savoury dishes – plain greek yoghurt makes a tasty breakfast with the addition of fruit and honey, a delicious dip combined with garlic, salt and chopped cucumber, and a marinade for chicken, fish or lamb skewers when combined with BBQ sauce or Moroccan spices.
  5. Use quick-seal plastic bags to store food leftovers – this will avoid odours and keep food fresh longer.
  6. Always have ‘rainy night’ ingredients on hand – pasta or rice with a tasty tomato sauce and some parmesan cheese is a quick and comforting meal. Add a tin of tuna and you’ve got tummies full.
  7. On longer trips, make the same meals on the same days – this makes food budgeting easy and cooking quicker. Everyone loves Meatball Mondays!
  8. Stock up on tinned food such as tuna, evaporated milk and vegetables or pulses, and non perishables such as pasta and rice to bulk up dishes.
  9. Choose local fruit in season and eat a lot of it – variety is not essential when you’re having other adventures on the road!
  10. Keep a stock of fresh filtered water in the campervan when on long road trips.

Author: Carla Adams


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