Top 5 AU Winter Road Trips

People tend to search out beach destinations for their vacations, especially in the winter, but we have an idea for you that may be out of the norm. Why not book a campervan hire Australia, and road trip throughout the country during the winter?

Australia is a Winter Paradise
Here are the top five ideas for road trips that you should take during the winter:

1. Visit NSW or Victoria for skiing

It’s winter which means that for ski-lovers, it’s the best time of the year. The most popular areas for a skiing road trip would be the Snowy Mountains and Victoria.

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The Snowy Mountains’ five different peaks make it a wonderful place to go skiing as well as a fascinating area to explore. Victoria on the other hand, combines everything that you need for the most idyllic winter experience. From wine to gourmet food and cozy lodgings, and of course beautiful slopes to ski down on, or toboggan, or go cross-country skiing on.

2. Take a trip to Bunya Mountains

If you aren’t too much into snow or very cold weather, you may enjoy a trip to the Bunya Mountains. It’s a place where you can plenty of calm and tranquil walks while being able observe the native wildlife. Make sure to bring warm clothing, because although you may not see too much snowfall while there, the weather can get frosty and chilly. After all, it is winter.

3. Go hiking in Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area

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This may not be for everyone, but if you like adventure and are in shape for outdoor adventures, this may the road trip you want to take. Drive on over to Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania and hike on the Overland Track. While some people may call it a walk, they are most likely people who are used to hiking, say, mountains like Mt. Everest. Yet even if it is just a walk for some, make sure to hire a guide. You’ll enjoy it more.

4. How about visiting the beach?

Maybe you can have that beach destination, after all. One such beach location that will not only provide you with beautiful views of sand and sea, but also the opportunity to do some whale watching during Australia’s winter, is Hervey Bay which is near some ideal spots (Lake Mackenzie and Frazer Island) for swimming fun-if the weather allows it.

5. Uluru is doable in the winter

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Uluru can unbearably hot in the summer, so if you want to see this area of Australia, the winter is the time to do it. It’s a fun place to go biking, see the big rock that Uluru is known for, and if you are brave enough, you can stay in a tent in the area. Just be careful, as it can get quite cold in the area during the winter. No need to worry, as there are plenty of places to stay nearby that are both comfortable and affordable.


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