Top 5 Travel Podcasts for the Road

When you’re packing your bags for your ultimate road trip there’s one thing you simply can’t forget – an epic playlist! It’s the secret to any good road trip and will ensure that your long days on the road are as enjoyable as possible. Here at Hippie Campers we love listening to a good travel podcast and think it’s the best way to hear authentic stories from people all over the world.

Our favourite podcasts are filled with adventurous nomads sharing their favourite travel destinations and tips, and are perfect for fuelling that inner wanderlust.

Our top travel tip? Make sure to download your travel podcast and playlists before you hit the road – this way you can use wifi and save on your data!

Check out some of our favourite travel podcasts below.

  • Nomadtopia

Nomadtopia Radio is run by Amy Scott and is the must listen podcast for those wanting to start living the nomad lifestyle. Each month Amy interviews people from all over the world who are living their version of Nomadtopia. They might be living abroad, settling down (for now), traveling overland with kids, homeschooling, or backpacking solo around the world.

The show gets into all the nitty-gritty details of travelling from the ins and outs of daily life as a traveler/nomad (banking, technology, what to do with your stuff etc) to getting started and making it all happen.

  • Flight of Fancy

The Flight of Fancy podcast is run by a team of travel journalists under the brand. It’s the perfect travel podcast if you’re looking for your next destination with episodes like ‘The best cold climate destinations’, ‘World’s best destinations for street food’ and ‘Best island and beach holidays beyond the cliches’.

  • JUMP Podcast

JUMP podcast is run by Jackie, a professional traveller who has been exploring the world since she was 18, and now lives by the motto #homeiswherethetoothbrushis.

Her travel podcast is all about motivating people to get out and explore the world so you can expect endless travel advice and inspiration. Expect episodes like ‘Walking the West highland Way in Scotland’, ‘The Ultimate Alaska Road Trip’, and ‘Best Budget Travel tips for saving money on the road’.

  • Extra pack of peanuts

For some of the most interesting interviews you must check out the Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast. Presented by husband and wife team, Trav and Heather, this travel podcast will fill your heart with total wanderlust. You must listen to their interview with the guy who went around France on a little red scooter or the guy who spent 5 years going to every country in Africa (and climbing the tallest peak in each).

They also dish out practical advice, like 21 ways to survive a long haul flight and destination specific information like the best seafood in Croatia or where to eat pizza in Rome.

  • Women on the Road

For our female road trippers, the Women on the Road travel podcast should be high on your list. It takes a deep look into what it’s actually like to live the #vanlife as a solo female traveller. It features honest and in-depth interviews with females currently living on the road.

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